Make Your Own Tea or Booze Infusion Gift Box


Handmade, Local Artisan Box to get you started with your journey into herbalism. Includes 6 different Herbs. All herbs are local and grown organically.

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Travel back to a time when herbs were used as a remedy for illnesses and ailments. Water and alcohol both have the ability to extract their unique properties. Hot tea can extract vitamins and minerals and alcohol has the potential of extracting alkaloids and phytochemicals that water can not. By combining these two you can create the ultimate health booster for maintaining or achieving a healthy nourished body. 

All herbs in this box can be brewed as tea on their own or by mixing and matching to create your unique delicious blends. You will find a detailed booklet on how to make your own teas or booze infusions.

Herbs in glass tubes as follows:
Stinging Nettle
Lemon Balm
Rose Petals
Zen Green Tea


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