My Kidney Tea


A Kidney & Urinary Tract Tea

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My Kidney Tea is a thoughtfully crafted blend of nature’s finest ingredients to support, nourish, and care for kidney function.

Stinging Nettle is packed with vitamins and minerals, stinging nettle promotes kidney function, reduces inflammation, and aids in detoxification.

Dandelion Leaf, known for its diuretic properties, dandelion leaf helps flush out toxins from the kidneys, supporting overall renal well-being.

Bearberry, a herb has a long history of use for urinary tract health, assisting in maintaining a healthy balance and preventing kidney-related issues.

Ginger, renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger adds a zing to the blend while supporting digestive health, a crucial aspect of overall kidney function.


*Loose Leaf Jar includes a Muslin Mesh Bag
Artisan Teabags are Hand-Filled*

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